Vision, mission and goals


To become the Faculty of Law at the University of Sabha, the most distinguished at the local and regional levels in preparing legal cadres and developing educational systems in the field of law through conducting research in the areas of this specialization that will reflect on the Libyan society



That the Faculty of Law at Sebha University provide a graduate who competes scientifically and professionally at the local level in the field of legal learning and contribute to upgrading the scientific and professional level of cadres through distinguished academic programs that serve sustainable development in the Libyan society.


  1. Providing an integrated educational program in accordance with the events of scientific quality standards in a way that provides legal outputs that meet the needs of society and are capable of global competition
  2. Continuous evaluation of the educational process and making sure of achieving its goals in preparing graduates who are able to continuously develop and update their information and skills commensurate with the requirements of the labor market as well as their distinction in graduate studies for those wishing them
  3.  Opening the way for graduate studies and scientific research, and organizing courses and scientific conferences to keep pace with scientific progress in the field of law, which contributes to the development and development of services in society.
  4. Encourage communication with the corresponding colleges and try to make the most of their expertise.
  5. Create a legal scientific base that is a reference to annotations to laws.
  6. Providing legal advice in all fields of the university.