Faculty Members Office

Faculty members office Sebha University takes steps to complete contracting and appointment documents and forwards them to the appropriate authorities and notify the university The faculty needs of the faculty members and take measures to enable and start them, and procedures for evacuating the party and vacations.

And he undertakes the following tasks: -

  1. Take procedures to complete the appointment appointment documents and refer them to the competent authorities.
  2. Notify the university of the college’s needs for teaching assistants in accordance with the requirements set by the college to take the necessary measures to announce it.
  3. Preparing data and statistics for the college's teaching assistants and informing the university thereof.
  4. Prepare data and statistics for the faculty members of the college and inform the university about them.
  5. Take measures to evict the party from the faculty members who terminated its work and inform the university accordingly.

Office of the faculty members of Sabha University

كلية الطب البشري سبها