Studies and Training Department

Studies and Training Department

Studies and Training Department, College of Human Medicine, Sebha University

The College of Studies and Training Department supervises the procedures for registering and following-up students in the postgraduate stage, preparing study schedules, providing academic and technical staff to complete the educational process, preparing future plans, and holding workshops, seminars, and conferences that support graduate programs.

And he undertakes the following tasks: -

  1. Receive nominations for the various scientific departments of the college for the purposes of study or training, and to classify and classify them.
  2. Determining and specifying the fields of higher education and training available in the college and the preparation that can be directed to them.
  3. Participate in conducting the necessary research and studies to determine the possibility of introducing new specializations for postgraduate studies, developing existing ones, and preparing and following up the necessary implementation plans and programs.
  4. Preparing college graduate plans and programs and supervising their implementation.
  5. Preparing plans and programs for graduate studies abroad, taking their approval procedures and the procedures implemented for them, and following up on their implementation in coordination with the competent authorities.
  6. Prepare the necessary draft budget for the implementation of plans and programs for graduate studies at home and abroad and follow up on its preparation and implementation.
  7. Receive reports on the follow-up of the implementation of plans and programs of graduate studies and training at home and abroad, study them, analyze them, and take the necessary measures to overcome the difficulties and problems facing implementation.
  8. Examine the requests to extend or end the mission and ensure that the envoy returns to start his work in the department he is affiliated with.
  9. Participate in seminars, symposia, and scientific forums related to the office's activities at home and abroad.
  10. Preparing periodic and annual follow-up reports on the office's activity.
  11. 35- Participating in the work of the committees and task forces related to the unit's activity.
  12. Keep files for sub-repeaters.
  13. Take procedures to complete the appointment appointment documents and refer them to the competent authorities.
  14. Notify the university of the college’s needs for teaching assistants in accordance with the requirements set by the college to take the necessary measures to announce it.
  15. Preparing data and statistics for the college's teaching assistants and informing the university thereof.
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Studies and Training Department