Vision, mission and goals

Vision, Mission and Goals College of Human Medicine


The College of Human Medicine looks forward to Sebha University to excellence in medical education and continuing training and to leadership in medical research and Vitality at the local, regional and international levels to meet the health needs of the community and contribute to an effective role in global medical progress by raising the institutional capacity of the college in a way that matches the approved quality standards.


Preparing qualified medical personnel with high professional ability and professional and human ethics according to international standards that respect the profession of medicine and the human spirit.

Instilling communication and communication skills between doctors, patients and relatives of patients, and between doctors and medical service providers and all relevant segments of society in accordance with Islamic and Arab values ​​and principles that are built on human foundations, honesty, equality and respect for the cultures of individuals and groups.


1- Graduating scientifically, professionally and morally qualified doctors who are able to provide health care

Especially the primary health care for individuals and groups with high efficiency.

2- Providing and developing graduate studies programs in different fields of medicine to qualify specialists to meet the needs of society and the labor market.

3- Continuous development of the educational process through continuous updating of the educational curricula and keeping abreast of the latest educational technical methods in the medical field.

4- The College of Human Medicine, Sabha University, adopts the strategy of continuous medical education and raising the competencies of working doctors and specialists in all health institutions in society, and adopts the continuous evaluation programs for doctors to keep pace with the rapid development of medical science.

5- Building partnerships with research and educational institutions at the local, regional and international levels that are concerned with developing the educational and research process in the field of medicine to solve society's health problems.

6- Establishing partnerships with health institutions, relevant international organizations and civil society organizations in order to implement health education programs, health awareness campaigns, and therapeutic medical campaigns in order to serve the needs of the community and implant the principles of community service and teamwork among students, faculty, and college staff.

كلمات مفتاحية: الرؤية والرسالة والأهداف كلية الطب البشري

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