Department of Administrative Affairs and Services

Department of Administrative Affairs and Services

Department of Administrative Affairs and Services, College of Human Medicine Sabha University

And assume the following functions:

1- Implementing visits and concerts programs organized by the college on various occasions.

2- Carry out security and custody of properties inside the college buildings.

3- Informing the university of the college’s needs for maintenance work for buildings, facilities, devices, and furniture.

4- Supervising the use of college cars.

5- Overseeing college cleanliness and public services.

6- Supervising the college canteen.

7- List the college’s needs for the workforce, including employees and producers, and inform the university about it.

8- Keep sub-files for employees and producers.

9- Take measures to grant all kinds of accomplishments and inform the college about them.

10- Take measures to transfer employees and producers for treatment.

11 - Notify the college of the annual reports of employees and producers.

12- Monitor the attendance and departure of employees and producers in accordance with the rules decided by the college in this regard.

13- Distribution of employees and producers to the college administration units after approval of the Secretary of the People's Committee of the college.

14- Informing the faculty administration of the violations that occur from employees and producers.

15- Expressing an opinion on the transfer, delegation and secondment of the college’s employees and producers.

Take procedures for handing over work to new employees and workers, and clearing the party of those who finish their work in college.

17. Prepare data and statistics for employees and workers.

18- Performing printing, drawing and photocopying works.

19- Delivering incoming mail and correspondences to the college, recording them in the incoming books and delivering them to the competent authorities.

20- Handing out the correspondences issued by the college apparatus after being registered in the issuer's books.

21- Keeping the copies of the correspondence with the files designated for it.

22- Follow up on the actions taken regarding the correspondence received.

23- Carry out reception and inquiries work for those reluctant to manage the college.

24- Providing all services to college employees in accordance with the provisions of Law No. (19) of 1428 CE referred to, and its executive regulations.

25- Carry out reception services for college guests, and organize and arrange their meetings and meetings with officials.

26- Completing the procedures for hotel reservations and airport reception for faculty and staff at the college.

27 - Take residence procedures, grant exit visas, and book travel tickets for faculty and staff at the college.

28- Preparing guard plans and programs for all college buildings and facilities, in coordination with the relevant organizational divisions and implementing them.

29- Regulating the movement of vehicles belonging to the college, keeping its records, undertaking the necessary maintenance work, authorizing their use, and spending fuel, oil, and others.

30- Performing the necessary maintenance work for buildings and their installations and following up their registration.

31- Holding necessary celebrations at religious, national and national occasions.

32- Activating the brotherhood and friendship between the employees of the college through holding parties and organizing recreational trips and sports and social activities for the workers and their families.

33- Organize the participation of the college and its employees in afforestation and hygiene campaigns, and other social and national and national celebrations.

34- Coordination and organization of participation in cultural and scientific exhibitions and highlighting the activities of the college and its various departments.

35- Participating in the work of the committees and task forces related to the unit's activity.

Department of Administrative Affairs and Services, College of Human Medicine Sabha University