College Registrar Office

College Registrar Office

College Registered Office Sabha University College of Human Medicine is responsible for overseeing the following departments:

A- The Admission and Registration Department, which carries out the following tasks:

  1. Receive the statements and papers of the candidates for admission to the college, review them, and complete the due procedures.
  2. Complete the procedures related to student transfer and registration, and stop or return enrollment.
  3. The affairs of international students affairs.
  4. Preparing lists of students' names distributed among the scientific departments.
  5. Preparing student registration records.
  6. Editing the certificates required from the records according to the prescribed provisions.
  7. Obtaining university cards for students.
  8. Granting student housing statements.
  9. Organizing scientific trips for students in partnership with the concerned authorities.
  10. Preparing statistics and data for students.

B- The Alumni Department, and undertakes the following: -

  1. Receive and retain graduate results.
  2. Inform the concerned authorities of the graduates' names and estimates.
  3. Fill out the forms data for editing graduation certificates and testimonials and graduate statements.
  4. Submit the testimonies, certificates and grades statements to their owners after they are approved by the competent authorities.

C- The Social Work Department, which handles the following functions:

  1. Monitor, research and analyze various phenomena within the college and its impact on the educational process, and make recommendations thereon.
  2. To collect information through questionnaires and other scientific research tools to identify trends and behavior patterns, analyze them and make recommendations on them.
  3. Participate in preparing studies and research related to methods of dealing with deviations and social phenomena that are not appropriate to the college.
  4. Presenting proposals and recommendations that would consolidate and confirm relations between faculty, staff, and students at various levels.
  5. Provide advice and advice to members of the college community at the college, understand their problems, and help them overcome them.
  6. Preparing social service programs and methods of implementing them within the college.
  7. Preparing periodic reports on the field of specialization.

College Registered Office of the College of Human Medicine Sabha University