Department of Libraries

Department of Libraries

Department of Libraries, Faculty of Human Medicine Sabha University

The college library was established in 1988, with the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine. The library includes a collection of books and titles confined under the number 977 Arab titles 4551 English. It also contains a number of periodicals estimated at 70 titles and a number of continuous periodicals, with the participation of 25 periodicals for the College of Human Medicine.

The library is an essential and important tributary in completing the educational process in the college. It includes many mothers of books, references and modern medical periodicals from all over the world. The library opens its doors from 8 am to 2 pm.

The student and the faculty member are allowed to borrow books. As for the periodicals, they are not loaned outside the library. There are also some references and books that are restricted to use within the library only. The College Council seeks to provide the electronic library after the expansion and maintenance process. Includes library director and classification and loan section

And specialize


The Library Affairs Section provides references and periodicals, perform indexing work, provide recent publications, maintain copies of student research as references, and provide the appropriate environment for students to study.

And he undertakes the following tasks: -

  1. Take measures to provide the library with books and references necessary for the college, and participate in periodicals related to the college's scientific activity.
  2. Provide references for students in the library's reading room.
  3. Exchange the college's publications with other colleges, institutes and research centers in the corresponding scientific institutions locally and abroad, and receive the publications of those bodies.
  4. Performing indexing activities, including indexing books and periodicals, as decided by the General Administration of Libraries at the university
  5. Providing students with books and helping them to benefit from references and research resources.
  6. Borrowing books within the limits stipulated in the general instructions for libraries.
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College of Human Medicine - Sebha University

Department of Libraries

The Faculty of Human Medicine, one of the colleges of Sabha University, began its first academic year in the college in the academic year 1987 AD. At that time it was called the Higher Medical School. The college aims to provide the country with doctors in various branches of medicine, to carry out research and scientific and specialized studies in all areas of medical study, to raise the health level and to strengthen scientific links with similar bodies in the country. The college building is located on an area of ​​2000 square meters, and the college site is located in the city of Sebha near the general administration of the university and the college of dentistry.