College guide

College guide

Sebha University was established in the year 1976 AD and was established as an independent university by Resolution No. 187 of 1983 and the university currently includes 21 colleges spread over the cities of southern Libya. Sebha University graduated in successive batches, reaching batch 39 for this year in various fields of their scientific specializations, academic programs, and their studies systems at both university and higher levels.

Through its vision, goals, and mission towards civilized progress, and to meet the multiple needs of the region in general, and to achieve continuous development to raise the educational level of the individual in southern Libya, and to push the wheel of scientific progress forward.

This guide is an explanation of what was mentioned in the regulations and laws of the authorities responsible for organizing higher education in Libya and the internal regulations of university colleges. To build the student’s personality with the aim of helping the student to rely on himself and develop it, and in this academic framework and in pursuit of the administration of Sebha University to complete the organization of educational programs issued by the university’s colleges, the first edition of the Sabha University guide for the academic year 2018/2019 has been prepared to include many academic aspects that help our children Students to clarify their rights, duties and related regulations.

This comprehensive guide has been developed for all students on the university website, so we hope to receive the information and keep your copy. Note that updating this introductory guide at the university will be issued annually and the content of the guide will be reviewed in line with the organizational, educational and operational variables witnessed by the university and colleges in the course of its development, and we hope that you will see the latest version of the comprehensive guide.

Registrar General Sabha University