Study and Examinations Department

قسم الدراسة والإمتحانات كلية الطب البشري جامعة سبها ويتولى المهام التالية:-

Coordination between the scientific departments in setting study schedules and covering joint decisions with faculty members.
Broadcasting requests for transportation between the Qassam and the transfer of students to and from the college, in coordination with the competent Qassam and the College Registrar.
إعداد قوائم بأسماء الطلاب الذين لهم حق الدخول للأمتحانات وتحديد أرقام …

Department of Administrative Affairs and Services

قسم الشؤون الإدارية والخدمات كلية الطب البشري جامعة سبها
And assume the following functions:
1- Implementing visits and concerts programs organized by the college on various occasions.

2- Carry out security and custody of properties inside the college buildings.

3- Informing the university of the college’s needs for maintenance work for buildings, facilities, devices, and furniture.

4- Supervising the use of college cars.

5- Overseeing college cleanliness and public services.

6- الإشراف …

College Registrar Office

College Registered Office Sabha University College of Human Medicine is responsible for overseeing the following departments:

A- The Admission and Registration Department, which carries out the following tasks:

Receive the statements and papers of the candidates for admission to the college, review them, and complete the due procedures.
Complete the procedures related to student transfer and registration, and stop or return enrollment.
The affairs of international students affairs.
Preparing lists of students' names distributed among the scientific departments.