Studies and Training Department

Studies and Training Department

The study actually started at the College of Science, where it received the first batch of its students at the beginning of the academic year 1983 AD with the beginnings of establishing the university by Resolution No. 720/1983 issued by the University Council. In the academic year 1990/1991, the graduate program in the College of Science began with a number of scientific departments

The College of Science awards a Bachelor’s degree in sciences with the following departments: Chemistry - Botany - Zoology - Physics - Computer - Mathematics.

The Studies and Training Department is one of the most important offices of the College’s Deanship, as it provides its services to graduate students at the college.

1- Preparing their files for the purpose of graduate studies and following them in attendance and commitment in what they are assigned to in the works in the scientific departments to which they belong.

2- Providing advice for them to enroll in higher studies inside.

3- Implementing the instructions received from the university or from the college regarding teaching assistants.

4- Preparing the data and statistics of the college teaching assistants in terms of students inside and outside those who are in the departments and those who are out of work, and informing the competent authorities about them.

5- Notify the university of the college’s needs for teaching assistants, in accordance with the requirements set by the college, to take action to announce them.