Study and Examinations Department

Study and Examinations Department

Study and Examinations Department

The most important functions of the department are the following study and exams:

1- Preparing lists of the names of students who are entitled to take the exams, and determining the subjects in which they are entitled to take the exam.

2- Organizing study schedules, hall schedules, and final exam schedules.

3- Follow up on matters of study and supervise the final exams.

4- Distributing female supervisors in the final exams in coordination with the practical departments.

5- Inform the competent authorities of the results of the exams.

6- Preparing reports on the educational process and exams and presenting them to the College Council.

7- Preparing statistics for exams indicating the total number of students per day, the number of observers and the distribution of students to exam committees.

8- Review the final results for students and ensure the quarterly and cumulative rates for students and the student's fulfillment of graduation requirements.

9- Preparing daily statistics of attendance, absence, deprivation, cases of fraud and special committees and sending them to the Examination Department