Vision, mission and goals

Vision, mission and goals

Vision, mission and goals


The Department of Statistics strives seriously to become the leading department in the coming years in the specialty of statistics through its excellent educational opportunities, effective and continuous, in the long term in the stage of university studies in order to achieve the knowledge, skill, correct orientation and values ​​necessary for success in the world of modern technologies Management, analysis and decision-making.



The department seeks to achieve its mission by providing high-quality educational programs through the diversity of teaching methods, and comprehensive curricula that are closely related to the needs of society and the labor market, as it provides serious scientific research, consultations and distinct statistical analyzes.



  • Preparing specialized graduates in the statistics who contribute to development programs in Libya and the public and private sectors.
  • Carrying out applied and theoretical research in the fields of statistics and probabilities.
  • Preparing training programs for workers in various institutions within the department's activity in community service.
  • Providing consultations in the field of statistical data analysis for various sectors, scientific specialties and research fields.