Vision, mission and goals

Vision, mission and goals

Vision, mission and goals

The Department of Biotechnology at the Faculty of Science at Sebha University is established as an interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary field of future science.


Outputs that absorb the past, understand the present, and explore the future prospects.

Department goals

The Department of Biotechnology aims to achieve the following prospects and goals:

1 - Expediting the transfer and assimilation of biotechnology according to a practical scientific plan.

2 - Optimal use of the faculty's potential, which is education, training, research and application.

3- The embodiment of modern structures that underpin many of the great scientific techniques.

4- Adaptation to the changes taking place in the relationship between science and technology in terms of reducing the time period between detection, application and access to beneficiaries, by conducting in accordance with the agreements concluded to solve field problems facing these entities.

5- Providing technical consultations, feasibility studies, and field participation to solve scientific problems facing the community, in addition to services and research centers in the respective secretariats.

6- Providing production models for optimal use of genetic engineering and modern technology with an economic and guiding purpose.

7- Contributing to making the educational process outputs keep pace with the needs of society.

8- Preparing and training technical cadres capable of assisting in the implementation of genetic engineering and biotechnology programs and projects at the university and other bodies, as well as raising research competence for specialists, provided that these programs are local, external or joint.

9- Providing and facilitating the means necessary for scientific openness to the international scientific centers and bodies that carry out similar activities in developed and developing countries. 10- Organizing conferences and holding symposia and scientific training courses individually or within specific agreements in cooperation with universities, institutes and research centers concerned with this activity at home and abroad.

11- Providing practical methods and methods for analyzing the developmental programs that include the uses of genetic engineering and biotechnology in the economic, social and technical fields, with the assistance of participating institutes and institutions.

Vision, mission and goals