Administrative and Financial Affairs Office

Administrative and Financial Affairs Office

Administrative and Financial Affairs Office

The Administrative and Financial Affairs Office of the College of Science Sebha University is one of the offices that are concerned with overseeing all administrative and financial work in the college, and it works To provide technical and administrative support to the scientific and administrative departments and to apply all administrative and financial systems and regulations applicable to the university and ensure their performance in an efficient and effective manner, and endeavors to provide all the financial and administrative management needs of the workforce, equipment, materials and their followers.

The administrative and financial affairs office in the college provides its services from its units and departments that work together in an effort to enhance the learning process and achieve the goals of the college and university.

The supervision office is responsible for the following departments:

1- Administrative Affairs Department:

Among the most important tasks he undertakes:

1- Preparing data and statistics for employees and workers.

2- Delivering the incoming mail to the concerned authority of the college, and following up the measures taken regarding the incoming transmitters, in addition to conducting the work of the outgoing mail and organizing its documentation and distribution.

3- Monitor the attendance and departure of the employees in accordance with the rules decided by the university in this regard.

4- Distribution of employees and workers to the administrative units of the college.

5- Taking the procedures of handing over the work to the new employees and workers, and clearing the party of those whose work is terminated by the college, in addition to carrying out the work related to the workers in terms of appointment, contracting and promotion affairs, transfer and assignment procedures, and others.

6- Follow-up procedures for granting all kinds of leaves to employees and workers.

7- Performing the printing, drawing and photocopying works, in addition to providing all the administrative needs of archives, means of transportation, devices and equipment.

8- Carry out the necessary maintenance, preparation, and follow-up of buildings.

9- Overseeing college cleanliness and public services.

10- Propose staff development plans and programs and follow up on their implementation.

2– قسم شؤون المالية:

يختص هذا القسم بإعداد المرتبات واستحقاقات العاملين بالكلية و كل ما يتعلق بالأمور المالية و اتخاذ الإجراءات اللازمة بشأنها وفقاً للأنظمة و اللوائح الصادرة بهذا الشأن.

Functions of the Financial Affairs Department:

1- Preparing and disbursing the salaries and benefits determined for the employees of the college.

2- Participate in periodic and annual inventory work and prepare annual and periodic financial reports.

3- Carrying out all the activities that guarantee the safety of spending and maintaining the money of the college employees.

4- Conducting the necessary matches for the employees ’accounts in the banks, and following up the settlement procedures related to the difference settlement.  

3- The warehouse and procurement department

The most important tasks of the department::

1- Providing the needs of office, scientific and housing equipment and supplies.

2- Taking the procedures of buying and selling according to the methods specified in the financial regulations, checking the purchases and ensuring that they conform to the specified specifications.

3- Preparing and completing the procurement documents in accordance with the regulations and instructions and referring them to the college treasury for disbursement according to the regulations and instructions.

4- Carry out the periodic and annual inventory work for the stores and take the necessary measures in this regard.

5- Carry out various exchange activities within the limits of regulations and instructions.

Administrative and Financial Affairs Office