College Registrar Office

College Registrar Office

College Registrar Office, College of Science Sebha University


The College Registrar's Office is the department concerned with receiving the administrative files for new students who move to the college, arranging them and preparing them to issue academic numbers by the college registrar and the general registrar at the university. .


  Directing students to their academic departments that were accepted and handing over the college brochure to review the goal of each scientific department with the academic decisions and units required for graduation, the conditions for adherence to the grades required to succeed in each academic semester, the study start and end dates of the study, and the duration of the students ’academic procedures beginning And the end of it "is an example of this - stopping school enrollment.


  1. Issuing electronic school cards for the College of Science with all the required data on the card.
  2. Granting a study statement and a student housing statement to students of student housing and all other required documents as per the request of each student.

Admission and Registration System

Students are accepted and registered according to the following categories:
  • Regular students, this category includes all students full-time to study.
  • International students, who are non-Libyan students who are granted academic seats and how to accept them, are decided by the Ministry of Higher Education.

The study system

College study is a semester system, with two semesters per academic year in the fall and spring semesters, and a summer semester may be added.

University calendar

Each academic semester consists of 16 (sixteen) weeks of actual, regular study, including exams for the fall and spring semesters. As for the summer semester, at least 8 academic weeks when needed, with a proposal from the College Council and the approval of the University Council, it does not count toward this period Any holidays or other days without actual study except for official holidays. The semester dates are as follows:
  • The fall semester begins in mid-September, and ends with mid-January of the following year.
  • Spring begins at the beginning of February, and ends in mid-June.
  • The mid-year vacation of two weeks starts at the end of the fall semester, and ends with the beginning of the spring that follows next of each academic year. Departments may conduct scientific or field study programs during the vacation.

Admission requirements

At the beginning of each semester, the college determines the number of students who are admitted according to the capabilities of the college, the scientific departments and the needs of the community.
  • The student must attend by himself to complete the registration procedures, and no one may act on his behalf.
  • The student must have a general high school diploma or a high school specialization diploma.
  • The student must bring six personal photos in addition to the identity document (national number, nationality, card, passport).
  • To be a healthy fit, documented by an approved health certificate.
  • To be of good conduct and behavior issued by the school coming from.
  • To devote full time to study.
  • His general grade in the high school should not be less than the specified and approved percentage for admission to the college in the year in which the student wishes to register to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree.
  • It is also permissible to take the admission exam and the personal interview decided by the college, and the decision of the admission and interview committee will be final after its approval by the college council.
  • That a non-Libyan applicant is obliged to pay fees and study expenses in accordance with the regulations in force in Libyan universities, taking into account signed agreements on reciprocity, and international students for scholarships in accordance with what is in place in Libyan universities.
  • Register on the new student management system website and bring the reference number issued from it
  • After completing the procedures from the general registrar, by issuing a study number and thus activating your electronic account
The student directly obtains the password and user name via the email the user is registered with for registration for the first time. The student is automatically granted the university’s email and has all the rights and benefits to use it throughout his studies and the student must keep it in a safe place

Move to the College of Science

The student who is required to transfer to study in the college must fulfill the following: First: The documents submitted by the student
  • The transfer student submits his documents no less than six weeks before the start of the semester to be registered to the College Registrar Office.
  • His documents include a list of the number of courses, their vocabulary, units, and degrees in the courses he passed and the study system in the college from which he moved.
  • His success rate in high school shall not be less than the rate prescribed for admission to the college in the academic year in which he wishes to transfer.
  • He is obliged to spend at least two years or four semesters before graduating from college.
  • His overall grade in the curricula taught in the college from which he is transferred and taught in the College of Science is not less than 65% (good).
  • The student is not dismissed from the college from which he is transferred for any reason.
Secondly: The College Council determines for each semester the proportions required to transfer to the college in proportion to the college's carrying capacity.

Procedures for registration and renewal of registration

  • The procedures for registering new students for the first semester and renewing the enrollment for students take place within two weeks before the start of the study in the registration office, and after fifteen days after the renewal of enrollment, penalties for delay in particular are imposed in the third week.
  • In all cases, it is not permissible to accept new students in the first semester and renew the registration after the end of the first week from the beginning of the study, and the student will bear the results of his delay from studying in this period.
  • Pay the registration fees, tuition fees, and conduct a medical examination upon registration for the first time and all other procedures required of it.
  • If the student does not perform the procedures for registering courses on the specified dates for registration, he will be discontinued from studying due to an unlawful reason.
  • The student may add or drop courses that do not exceed the maximum or minimum for the study units established within a period not exceeding fifteen days from the beginning of the study in each semester.
  • Students can add or delete courses one week before the start of the semester and end at the end of the second week from the start of the semester.
  • The registration must not exceed the maximum academic load and not less than the minimum.
  • The student registration process is done after consulting with his academic supervisor, and the student is responsible for any shortcomings or errors that occur as a result of his ignorance of the instructions.
  • If the student does not register any course during the registration period approved by the council of attorney, it is considered discontinued from the study and the phrase “discontinued for not registering” is inserted in the student information system.

School cards

Students who have completed the registration procedures are entitled to: Smart Card: It is extracted from Student Affairs at the College Registrar. Office card: extracted from the library administration. The student's card is issued with the payment of fees due for that upon registration within the first week of completing the registration procedures, and no student is allowed to enter the college or take exams except after the card is issued.

Competences of the College Registrar Office

The College Registrar’s office is specialized in managing educational affairs for students and direct supervision of the study system and monitoring the application of systems, study regulations and exams in accordance with the procedures and systems stipulated by the university and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and is concerned with overseeing the following departments:

1- Admission and Registration Department

The admission and registration department is considered one of the most important administrative departments of the college, because of its direct interaction with students and to provide services and guidance important to them from the beginning of their admission to the college until they graduate from it, it represents the link between the administration, students and faculty members. The department primarily means student service, as they are the most beneficiaries of its multiple services, such as acceptance and registration, suspension and re-enrollment in accordance with the regulations and instructions related thereto and other services provided by the department in an effort to enhance the college’s mission and goals and facilitate students ’procedures. Students are admitted to the College of Education of Languages ​​based on an evaluation of their academic qualifications and based on the policy issued by the university and determined by all colleges affiliated with it.

The department undertakes the following tasks:

1- Receiving and accepting students at the beginning of each academic year, according to the various specializations according to the policy determined by the college. 2- Obtaining university cards for students. 3- Receiving and implementing requests for postponement and transfer from one specialty to another, and requests to stop or return the registration. 4- Informing students of their academic cases after the warning, and dismissing students who must be dismissed according to the college law. 5- Carry out periodic statistics on the numbers of admitted, enrolled, registered and graduate students for each semester. 6- Receiving the documents of the candidates for admission to the college, reviewing them, and completing the due procedures. 7- Preparing lists of student names distributed among the scientific departments. 8- Managing the affairs of foreign students affairs.

2- Graduate Section:

It undertakes the following tasks: 1- Receiving and retaining the graduates ’results. 2- Inform the concerned authorities of the names of graduates and their estimates. 3- Fill out the forms for editing graduate certificates, graduate statements and graduate statements. 4- Delivering testimonies, certificates, and grades statements to their respective owners after approval by the competent authorities.

3- Social Service Department:

undertakes the following specializations: 1- Monitoring, researching and analyzing the various phenomena within the college, g. The effect of this on the educational process, and providing recommendations thereon. 2- Participate in preparing studies and research related to methods of dealing with deviations and social phenomena that are not entirely correct. 3- Preparing social service programs and methods of implementing them within the college. 4- Providing advice and advice to students, recommendations and proposals that would strengthen relations between faculty members, students and employees at various levels.

4- Student Housing Department

It is concerned with the following: 1- Preparing and preparing students' accommodations in student homes, and following up their maintenance work. 2- Receiving supervision of students in student houses and enabling them to live in them according to the approved admission conditions. 3- Supervising workers in student houses, in addition to following up student feeding services and submitting reports and proposals necessary to improve them.

5- Student Activity Department 

It is concerned with the following: 1- To suggest plans related to student cultural and sports activities in the college. 2- A suggestion to prepare timetables for implementing the deliberate plans, taking into account the study schedules, exams and holidays, and presenting them. 3- Participation in organizing cultural, literary and art festivals and sports competitions. 4- Participation in organizing art exhibitions for talents in the various technical fields for students and faculty members. 5- Contributing to the revival of religious and national events. College Registrar Office