Graduation Project

Graduation Project

Graduation Project

The student presents his graduation project after completing a number of courses, whereby a scientific research is presented by selecting a supervisor. This supervisor is one of the faculty members of the department.

 A short guide to writing an undergraduate project for undergraduate students Sebha University

The method of writing a graduation project for undergraduates at the research stage depends on the precise specialization and the scientific nature of the subject of research and the method and methodology of the research, and in general the supervisor and the student must adhere to the method of scientific writing at Sebha University while preserving the specificity of the scientific departments in writing and not in the final form. The student must follow the following:

  1. The writing form can be used for graduation research in Arabic or the attached English
  2. The research is written in black and the colors are used in figures or illustrations only to change
  3. Writing new times roman if written in English
  4. The writing line is simplified Arabic in case of writing in Arabic
  5. Headline font size 16 wide, sub 14 wide, text 14, double space between lines, adding space before and after text.
  6. Line size of references 12, indexes 12, title of table 12, text inside table 10, title of figure 12, single distance between lines, with space added before and after the text.
  7. Controversy and figures shall be on a separate page alone, on the page that follows immediately after the presentation of the figure or table
  8. Do not number the first and second pages (the white page) and the numbering afterwards
  9. The first seven pages are numbered in Latin (I, II, III) and Arabic numbering (1, 2 and 3 ..) starts from the introduction to the end of the paper.
  10. The numbering of the two addresses shall be in the Arabic number (1., 2.1, and 4.1.3.)
  11. Dimensions of pages: Use A4 sheet of 98% white paper
  12. Dimensions of the page to the left, top and bottom 1 Right 7 in the case of Arabic and to the left 1.7 in the case of English
  13. It is not permissible in any case to repeat a table and a figure showing the same results, one of which may be placed in the appendices

Thus, all graduation projects must contain the following elements in the same order:

The search contains the following pages:

  • First a blank white page
  • Signatures page according to the attached form
  • First page: It contains two titles and names on one separate page

The university logo to the right and the college to the left and write the addresses according to the following

The State of Libya: The font size is 30 wide, centered and 1.15 spacing

MoE: Font size 20, center, wide, 1.15 spacing

Sebha University: font size 20, center, wide, 1.15 spacing

Totally ——- :: Font size 20, center, wide, 1.15 spacing

Section ———: Font size 20 centered and 1.15 wide


The following sentence is written before the research, "purely an applicant to complete the requirements for obtaining the undergraduate degree (Bachelor's or licentiate) with the title" of the size of 18 right

The headline of the paper is written in bold and 30 font size

The names of the students and the supervisor in 14 center line

The end of the first page is written: the academic year 2015-2016, for example

  • The second page: acknowledgment
  • The third page: The verse on one separate page, if any, and it is not permissible to exceed one page
  • The fourth page: The word “dedication” and its title “dedication” on one separate page. It is not permissible to exceed one page
  • Fifth page: A word of thanks and its title is a word of thanks on one separate page. It is not permissible to exceed one page
  • Sixth page: the contents index is on separate pages
  • The seventh page: Shapes index
  • Page eight: Index tables
  • Page Nine: Shortcuts, if any
  • The tenth page: The summary does not exceed one separate page and includes the search keys at the end
  • The eleventh page: In the case of a summary of the research, it should be on separate pages instead of the summary for each research and each chapter separately
  • The twelfth page: This item is according to the college, major, and in general, it follows the following:
  • The introduction, including pagination, begins in Arabic
  • Goals: After the introduction on one separate page or included at the end of the introduction as one separate sentence
  • The practical side starts on a new page and includes two-fold field training and the second-part methods
  • Results and discussion: start on a new page
  • Conclusion: One page is independent and no single page may be exceeded
  • Recommendations include future work on one separate page and in the form of points
  1. References: Begin on new page and do not number 12 font size with no spaces between lines and double spacing between each reference
  2. Attachments: It contains all data, information, figures and tables that do not exist in the main text



The Sebha University Magazine system is preferred for references

University of Sebha Reference Style

General Notes:

  1. The researches are numbered in Arabic numerals in order
  2. References are given in Arabic and English if both languages ​​are used
  3. References are mentioned as they are presented in the text, whether it is a book, paper or other


First: books

Author name, company name , printer (publisher), publisher address indicating , city and country, year of printing.


Second: encyclopedias

The full encyclopedia name, the part number that was referenced, the name of the printer company (publisher), the title of the publisher indicating city and country, year of printing.

Third: The published research

The author’s name, “title of the published research”, the name of the journal in which the research was published, the magazine number or part if it is a collection in folders, month, year,  The page numbers for the published search are separated by a letter.

Fourth: Graduation projects, unpublished master's and doctoral theses

Name of researcher and supervisor, “Research title”, name of university, city, country, year of publication.

    Fifth: Internet sites:

    A link to the websites used for the site is added, with the addition of the date, hour and minute that the information was taken

Sixth: In all cases, any other type of references can be used according to the department and the college, provided that it is internationally accredited.