About the Department

About the Department


The Department of Mathematics, as an essential component of the College of Science, does not feel this huge responsibility, and seeks all its components towards achieving the goals and aspirations attached to this college, which need coherence of efforts and making sacrifices, in order to improve the workflow in an optimal manner and appropriate to the accreditation standards for the University Studies Program. Whereas, in light of the increasing need for teachers specialized in the field of mathematics, which suffers from a severe shortage of human cadres in the world in general and the Arab world in particular, for this we had to play this role as one of the scientific edifices that could contribute positively to the preparation and graduation of scientific cadres Eligible.

Career opportunities: 

  • Working in higher education institutions Teaching in general education • Biological laboratories.
    • Encryption and blinding in some institutions.
    • E-government.
    • Banks and commercial companies.
    • Graduates of Mathematics and Statistics track can conduct statistical studies for experimental research and for the various economic, health, commercial, industrial and other sectors.

خدمة the society:

يعمل القسم على المشاركة في تقديم العديد من الخدمات لقطاعات ومؤسسات المجتمع المختلفة نذكر منها:

  • Developing mathematics curricula at various stages of pre-university education.
  • Composing and evaluating school books in the various educational stages.
  • Work with the university to organize scientific seminars locally and globally.
  • Arbitration of postgraduate studies in other universities, and sometimes supervising them.
  • Providing technical consultancies for some projects provided by the university’s consultative research center and institutions outside the university such as the Urban Planning Center (Sebha), human development centers such as the “Vanguard Center for the Future” and student services centers such as (the Office of Excellence).
  • Provide workshops for many mathematical software needed by most scientific departments such as (LaTeX, Mathematica, Matlab… ect)
  • The department has the ability to supervise practical research such as studying the areas and oceans of cities and calculating the lengths of coasts using fractals and mathematical programs such as (Mathmatica).
  • Assist in preparing admission exams for many public and private bodies, both academic and practical, such as the telecommunications company, social security fund, and others.
  • Providing multiple courses in mathematics within a continuing education program to introduce the most important theories of mathematics that touches reality directly under the name (Outreach) intended to attract new students and is directed to secondary students as it aims to serve the community.

Assist in preparing actuarial studies actuarial science or Actuarial science, which is the scientific research that uses mathematical and statistical methods to estimate the magnitude of risks in the sector insurance and financial industries, perhaps the life and death tables used by life insurance is the most popular application of this science.

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