Occupational Safety and Health Unit

Occupational Safety and Health Unit

Occupational Safety and Health Unit  Sebha University

Preparation a. Abu Bakr Hamid and d. Abdul Hadi Ali Al-Baseer Fall 2018

This proposal was adopted at the ninth regular college council meeting of 2018

Also, it was adopted at the third ordinary university meeting held on 5-3-2019


The laboratories in the College of Science are considered to be one of the most important educational methods on which the college relies in particular and the university in general in training all applied sciences, but the lack of methods and procedures for occupational safety and health in these laboratories leads to some accidents occurring as a result of the wrong use of the existing tools, materials or devices Within these laboratories, therefore, it is necessary to work to raise the level of occupational safety awareness among faculty members, technicians, administrators and students at work sites within the college, on the other hand, it is necessary to focus on the field of training and development in order to benefit from occupational safety and health programs as is customary locally and internationally.

The concept of occupational safety and health

Occupational safety and health means those administrative activities and procedures to protect workers from the risks arising from the work carried out within the college and from workplaces within the college that may lead to their illness or accidents in order not to occur these risks or reduce their occurrence and control as much as possible over them They happen, God forbid.

Vision of occupational safety and health in the college

A distinguished unit in planning and implementing occupational health and safety procedures as well as managing crises by providing a safe work environment for students and all staff members of the faculty and staff at the level of the Faculty of Science at the University of Sebha.

College’s Occupational Safety and Health mission

An effective preventive program for crisis and disaster management at the college level for the purpose of providing security and safety for all.

College occupational safety and health goals

The goals of occupational safety and health in the college lie on protecting lives from (faculty members, technicians, students, employees and workers), as well as property and work environment within the college buildings and laboratories by applying a set of preventive measures and precautions to secure a safe work environment free of risks Occupational diseases, whether for workers or visitors, these goals are summarized in: -

  • Protect lives.
  • Raising the technical level of the college's staff with continuous safety training.
  • Educating the employees inside the college buildings, including faculty members, employees, technicians, students, and employment, and sensitizing them to abide by occupational health and safety instructions and guidelines while performing their work.
  • Providing a safe work environment that achieves risk prevention by taking the necessary precautions and measures

The tasks of the Occupational Safety and Health Unit

  • Preparing meaningful executive programs and plans and applying them on the ground to preserve lives and property within the college.
  • Sudden visit to all faculty facilities to ensure the application of the principles of occupational safety and health, punish violators and inform the competent authorities immediately when there are any violations
  • Working professionally in terms of stress and requiring all workers in the college to apply safety procedures in all buildings and facilities of the college, such as workshops and work sites, especially in laboratories and laboratories where chemical or biological hazards may be used.
  • Training, monitoring and obligating all laboratory or laboratory users that use materials or organisms with biological hazards such as microbes, viruses or other pathogenic or genetically modified (mutagenic) microorganisms on how to get rid of them (cull them) immediately after completing experiments or keeping them in safe places.
  • Apply preventive safety measures that protect all workers and prevent accidents from occurring during the implementation of projects or works within the college, to prevent accidents and injuries, lost property, and investigate accidents that may occur.
  • Ensure that the companies and institutions operating in the college adhere to the application of safety requirements in different workplaces.
  • Follow up the maintenance of safety devices and firefighting devices used in all buildings and workplaces in the college and ensure their suitability and safety and that they operate efficiently and in compliance with local and international safety requirements.
  • Training all groups working in the college, including students, faculty, staff, and laboratory technicians, on the speed of taking occupational safety measures and introducing them to the methods of prevention, extinguishing and rescue to be taken.
  • Spread safety instructions and risk prevention instructions in every possible way inside and outside the college buildings and facilities.
  • Awareness and education of all faculty members of the latest means and techniques.
  • Cooperation and coordination with the Red Crescent and Civil Defense in the event of accidents and emergencies.
  • Participate in setting the necessary plans for evacuation and rescue cases in coordination with the concerned departments and departments inside or outside the college.
  • Preparing periodic reports on safety management.

Business plan in providing occupational safety and security

It is important to know that the university’s senior management has the primary responsibility of working to provide security and safety, whether by providing it or in cooperation with other bodies to provide it and also by making a work plan that is tantamount to issuing decisions, procedures and directions for the various colleges and scientific departments that in turn translate them on the ground and must include a plan Next job: -

First: It must include the following work plan

  • Ensure college readiness as a building that provides security and safety for students in terms of building maintenance.
  • Ensure the safety and security of fences and gates
  • Ensure the safety and security of laboratory windows and classrooms
  • Ensure the safety of external doors, laboratory doors, teaching rooms and administrative offices
  • Ensure the integrity of the electrical connections to provide protection from electric shock.
  • The presence of a medical clinic equipped with the college to provide health safety services for students and employees of the college.

Second: It must include the following work plan

This is most important through conducting an educational process for male and female students on the concept of safety, security and occupational health.

Establish a work mechanism that clarifies the requirements, safety and occupational health, safety and health instructions in each department to be applied by the college administration and followed by male and female students, for example:

  • Emergencies and the evacuation plan
  • Provide extinguishing tools and devices
  • Provide a sufficient number of first aid kits
  • Providing safety and security requirements in the rooms of faculty members, administrators, laboratories and classrooms as well as toilets.


Effective occupational safety and health procedures

The effectiveness of occupational safety and health procedures is through some important points, for example:

  • Senior management commitment to occupational safety and health in the college or university
  • All means of safety, prevention and safety in the workplace provide safety and occupational health within the college
  • Providing and implementing laws, regulations and laws related to occupational safety and health
  • Training faculty staff, technicians, students, and college staff to perform safety procedures periodically.