The study actually started at the College of Science, where it received the first batch of its students at the beginning of the academic year 1983 with the beginnings of establishing the university by Resolution No. 720/1983 issued by the University Council. The Faculty of Science is the only Sabha University in the Libyan south of the eighteen colleges of the university, and it includes nine scientific departments.


In the academic year 1990/1991, the university’s graduate studies program began, in the College of Arts specifically in the Department of Arabic Language, and then the College of Science followed with a number of scientific departments. The College of Science is interested in graduate studies and research, where its program aims to grant a graduate degree with a master’s degree and the college seeks to adopt a PhD scholarship program in its scientific departments. The number of graduates of the College of Science has reached 4,931 male and female students since its establishment in 1983 to 2016 AD until the last thirty-seventh batch.


The College of Science seeks to develop its role in serving the local and international community through its goals, vision and mission in order to improve the academic level of faculty members, technicians, employees and college students.


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