Undergraduate Degree

Scientific departments

The College of Sciences includes the following scientific departments:

  1. Physics Department
  2. Chemistry Department
  3. Department of Mathematics
  4. Department of Statistics
  5. Department of Earth Sciences
  6. Department of Botany
  7. Department of Microbiology
  8. قسم علم التقنيات الحيوية
  9. Department of Zoology
  10. Computer Science Department

The academic degree awarded by the college

The college grants graduates a bachelor’s degree in science and education in scientific disciplines, and a bachelor’s degree in arts and education in literary disciplines.

school system

The semester system is applied in all scientific and literary specializations, provided that the study is two semesters for each academic year (spring semester and fall semester). The duration of the study is eight semesters, each semester includes (16) weeks, and the study plan program is distributed over this period, where the minimum study in the college is eight semesters and the maximum study is ten semesters.

The documents and documents required for admission and registration

In order to enroll in the college, the student must pass the entrance examination and personal interview determined by the department, after submitting the following documents:

1- The original form indicating that the student obtained the high school diploma, and it is not considered photocopy.

2- birth certificate.

3Certificate of national number for Libyan students.

4Health Fitness Certificate.

5Criminal Status Certificate (no precedent).

6- A copy of the ID card.

7Libyan residence certificate for expatriates.

8- A copy of the passport for expatriates.

9- 6 personal photos, size 4 * 6, with white background.

10- A copy of the family booklet (page 1 + the page in question + page 45).

11The registration form (reference number) on the university’s website, at the following link:  /https://idpsebhau.edu.ly/online                                                                                                    

Admission requirements

Admission to the College of Education is required to obtain a university degree:

1- The applicant student to study in the college must have a general secondary school completion certificate, with an average of no less than 65%.

2- That the student abides by the university's regulations, instructions, and regulations in force during study.

3The applicant must be of good conduct and behavior.

4- To be healthy fit and able to follow theoretical and practical lectures.

5The college accepts students transferred from other universities and colleges, according to the admission procedures determined by the university's scientific committee, and in the majors available in the college.

6- The transfer student is required to submit documents that show the subjects and courses he studied, the scientific content of each, the number of hours and units in each course, and the grades and grades thereof.

7Admission is made according to the absorptive capacity determined by the college and according to the academic specializations provided by the college.

8- The student must submit all the documents required for admission to the registration department and admission to the college.

9- The student has the right to study in the required department, according to his educational qualification in the general secondary or specialized secondary schools and the controls and procedures in force by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

10- If all of the above conditions are met by the applicant applying for admission, the enrolled student is subject to the entrance examination and personal interview determined by the department at the college.

Admission requirements for students transferring from colleges and universities

1The student transferred to the college must not have been previously dismissed from any university or higher institute, and he should not have committed a disciplinary offense.

2- The student is obliged to submit original documents approved by the competent authorities attached to the courses he studied, its content and his assessments therein.

3- The period of study to be spent by the student transferred to the college should not be less than one third of the original period of study, that is, three semesters or one third of the courses in his field of specialization.

4Transfer to the college is only permitted after giving justifications accepted by the college, accompanied by a transfer request at least one month before the start of the semester.

Undergraduate admission and registration procedures

Admission system

Students are enrolled in the college according to the following categories:

1Organized students: This category includes all full-time students.

2- International students registered with scholarships at Libyan universities, students are enrolled according to the foundations and rules decided on non-Libyan students approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Study dates

The study begins with the fall semester starting in the first half of September, and ends in the middle of January of the following year. The spring semester begins as of the beginning of February, and ends in the middle of June of the same year. The two-week half-year vacation starts with the end of the fall semester, and ends with the beginning of the following spring semester each academic year. The college may amend the start and end dates of studies in accordance with the university’s decisions in particular. The college’s registration office announces the beginning and end dates of each semester.