Postgraduate Study MSC

The College of Science at Sebha University offers several academic programs, giving students a bachelor’s degree at the first university level in all nine departments, according to the internal regulations for bachelor’s fun students issued by University Council Resolution No. (11) dated 11/19/2016. As for the postgraduate studies stage, the college offers graduate programs for master’s degrees in science according to the internal regulations for postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Science issued by a decision of the University Council No. (3) dated 2/5/2016 AD in the following departments: chemistry, zoology, botany, mathematics, physics, and computer science And earth sciences. Through which it seeks to reach:

  • The number of specialists in the fields of research and applied sciences and the provision of integrated study programs that guarantee the obtaining of degrees awarded by the college.
  • Contribute to teaching applied basic sciences.
  • Conducting scientific research and studies in various fields, strengthening ties, and exchanging experiences with other scientific bodies inside and outside Libya.
  • Contribute to the spread of scientific culture in various fields in line with the development of modern science, and the provision of services and scientific and technical consultations for institutions, bodies, centers, and relevant public and private bodies.

 Departments of Graduate Studies, College of Science