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  • نخلة التمر خدمةً ورعايةً وحصاداً

    Prepared by Dr. Abu Al-Qasim Amer Al-Saidi - a faculty member at Sebha University


    Introduction: The date palm is one of the most important trees of the palm family, Palmaceae, the genus Phoenix, the species Dactylifera, and the scientific name is Phoenix dactylifera. The latitude of 10:35 North. Libya’s production of dates is about 165 thousand tons annually, and the total global production reached about 7462.51 thousand tons. Libya occupies the tenth rank of world production and the number of trees is approximately 8 million trees.

  • أ.د./ عبدالقادر السنوسي قاسم الزين

    The virus is now known as Corona SARS Cove. The resulting disease is called coronavirus 2019 as a benefit of 19. In general, corona viruses are defined as a large group of viruses that may cause disease in animals and humans. It is also known that a number of corona viruses cause in humans respiratory infections that range from simple common colds to more severe things like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Corona viruses are a large group of viruses that can infect both animals and humans. On December 31, 2019 the WHO Regional Office in China was informed of cases of pneumonia causing an unknown disease that was discovered in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The new Corona virus has been declared the virus that causes these cases by the Chinese authorities on January 7, 2020 AD.

  • Environmental pollution damage to waste

    To everyone who is interested in the municipality of Sebha

    I would like to mention the total risks resulting from the accumulation of garbage and the most important environmental and health risks that arise from it, and put forward a set of proposals and solutions to this problem. Such as all kinds of carbon oxides and methane, as the waste emitted from the burning waste carries various gases that contain toxic substances that are harmful to human health. It also has dangerous radiation that harms the surrounding environment, including humans and animals. It also has an impact on the people who live next to it. They are among the people most susceptible to diseases. Some of them are mentioned below:

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