College strategy

General scorer of the strategic plan of the College of Physical Education:

  1. The shift from traditional teaching and teaching methods to modern methods applied in the universities of the world.
  2. Developing faculty members and raising their performance efficiency in line with modern technologies.
  3. Improving the educational environment in a way that suits the university stage.
  4. Improving the administrative performance of the university and its affiliated institutions to keep pace with the great development in higher education.
  5. Applying quality and ensuring it in the college, and reaching accreditation for the scientific departments.
  6. Raising the research and professional performance of faculty members in line with international standards.
  7. The introduction of electronic technology in the college administration, both educational and administrative.
  8. Development of practical application mechanisms and field experience for college students.
  9. Providing the college with sports equipment and appliances.

The components of the college’s strategic plan:

The strategic plan of the College of Physical Education has been developed, which will contribute to improving performance rates in order to achieve the overall strategic vision of the university. And to reach the goals sought by the university for the sustainable development of the region. Hence, the college’s aspirations for the future came through a clear vision and mission that adopts a number of the following basic values.

  • Outstanding academic work that adopts integrity and maintains high quality standards.
  • Continuous improvement of quality requirements.
  • Full involvement and participation of staff, students, and professors to complete the educational process requirements.
  • Working to improve the role of leadership and management through continuing training and education operations.




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