Study and exams

The Study and Examinations Department supervises the organization of study schedules, exam schedules, and halls, distributes observations, prepares periodic reports on the progress of the study, prepares lists of students' names and their quarterly results, and coordinates the departments to cover joint decisions of faculty members.

It undertakes the following tasks:

  1. Coordination between scientific departments in setting study schedules and covering joint courses with faculty members.
  2. Broadcasting requests for transfer between departments and transfer of students to and from the college, in coordination with the relevant departments and the college registrar.
  3. Preparing lists of the names of students who have the right to enter the exams and specifying their seating numbers and the materials for which they have the right to take the exam.
  4. Examination cards are issued to students.
  5. Organizing study schedules, hall schedules, and periodic and final exams.
  6. Follow up on academic matters and supervise periodic and final exams.
  7. Distribution of observations in periodic and final examinations in coordination with the scientific departments.
  8. Inform the competent authorities of the results of the exams.
  9. Preparing reports on the progress of the educational process and examinations for presentation to the college.

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