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The electronic services department aims to provide a distinguished service in information technology for the college and university, in addition to increasing the effectiveness of the university's digital projects, as it specializes in managing, organizing, following up, maintaining and developing available technical services from:

1- Communication and Information Network

2- Managing and updating the website

3- The digital library and databases.

4- The electronic portal and electronic mail to the college.

The structure of the electronic services department in the college:

1- Website Unit: Includes updating the college website, digital library content and digital repository.

2- Maintenance and Networks Unit: It includes maintenance and updating of software for computers and printers, establishing networks, studying faults and solving them.

3- The electronic portal unit: It includes the teacher, student and e-mail system.

The goals and activities of the college's electronic services unit:

1- Ensuring the full utilization of the college’s website services through technical support, through the provision of electronic services, development and continuous updating.

2- Applying modern means and methods to provide electronic services in the college.

3- The use of university e-mail in all administrative transactions and communication with students.

4- Use the college’s official website to communicate with all parties concerned.

5- Providing the needs of the beneficiaries of the electronic services at the required level through effective communication with them.

6- Increasing the efficiency of using the digital library and making use of its multiple services for researchers and students.

The tasks of the college's electronic services department:

1- Updating the college website and managing and archiving the research electronically.

2- Create and activate the e-mail service for students and faculty members.

3- Raising the efficiency of the college's internal information network, and providing technical consultations.

4- College’s digital library management, administrative information systems, electronic portal and e-mail.

5- Maintenance of computers and printers, updating or supervising their programs.

6- Preparing a study on the malfunctions and problems of the college’s systems and submitting recommendations and proposals in this regard.

Department of Electronic Services, College of Education

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