The Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

The Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

May Allah peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. Despite the abnormal circumstances that Libya in general and the southern Libyan region in particular, the march of science and education did not stop, in order to advance the country and open the horizons of science and knowledge for our students and our students for a promising future because they are the pillar of the future of Libya and this did not It only comes with the collaboration of hands between the university administration that strives to advance the university and reach it to the ranks of international universities, and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science is an integral part of the scientific system within the University of Sabha that sets its sights one of its goals is to develop and develop the student's personality in a comprehensive manner balanced in all its physical aspects And mental, psychological and social, and unleash its capabilities for creation, creativity and innovation in order to achieve for itself the happiness and the Libyan society the desired development. The college also serves the community and harnesses its scientific expertise in the service of sports clubs, youth camps and private clinics because of the various and various specializations it carries, and it is a torch that illuminates those who walk. “Do you not embrace knowledge through nations?” I wish all our students success and success, may God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.

Dr. Ashour Saeed Minh

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College of Physical Education, Sebha University

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