Dean's speech

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم والصلاة والسلام على أشرف الانبياء والمرسلين

The College of Physical Education is one of the applied colleges at the University of Sabha and was initially established by the Higher Institute of Physical Education in the city of Ghat in 1985-1986 and then it became a college affiliated to the University of Sebha in 1990-1991 AD, and then it was transferred to the Department of Physical Education at the College of Arts in 2005-2006 CE and after that it became College of Physical Education, University of Sebha in 2016-2017.

Since its establishment, the College of Physical Education and Sports Science has been keen to be a solid academic academic edifice, as well as being present in local, Arab and international academic scientific forums, and has dispatched many of its cadres to study in Arab and foreign universities to benefit from the experiences of others and their experiences and exchange Ideas.

The college seeks to occupy the highest ranks among the colleges of physical education and sports science and achieving the conditions of quality assurance and international accreditation, as it seeks to keep abreast of developments and update the curriculum according to the requirements of reality and its challenges.     

The College of Physical Education at Sebha University is a pedagogical and educational educational institution that provides educational, educational, cultural and mathematical requirements for male and female students through a set of theoretical and practical programs and courses, allowing them the opportunity to obtain a bachelor’s degree in physical education.

The college as one of the educational and educational institutions seeks to create professional cadres with a high-quality scientific and practical level in various fields (education - training - recreation - management) in the framework of a flexible educational climate that helps the creativity of both the student and the student to ensure a graduate is able to contribute positively and professionally to meet the needs and needs Sports work market within the Libyan community.

Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Fitouri Othman

كلية التربية الرياضية جامعة سبها
College of Physical Education, Sebha University