Editorial Board


The Editorial Board of the Journal of the Human Sciences consists of:

 د. عادل محمد يوسف الناجم                    رئيس التحرير                    السيرة الذاتية  

د. نوارة محمد عقيلة محمد                        عضو                          السيرة الذاتية 

أ. د. علي محمد الشاعر الشاعر                  عضو                          السيرة الذاتية

د. كلثوم حسن عثمان الحضيري                   عضو                          السيرة الذاتية 


The Editorial Board of the Humanities Journal consists of

Dr. Saleh Abdel-Salam Al-Baghdadi               Editor-in-chief                          Curriculum Vitae


Head of the Department of Arabic Language 1998-1991 and 1996-1998, Assistant Secretary for Academic Affairs, College of Arts 1998-1992 and 2000-2005, Director of the Postgraduate Studies Office at the College of Arts 1999-2000 and 2008-12, Member of the Technical Committee for Publications, Publishing, Authorship and Translation 2011, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 2012, President of the Academics Forum to support the building of the civil state 2012

Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Mabrouk Bashir                        Editing Secretary                    Curriculum Vitae 


Head of the Research and Consultation Department of the College. Editor-in-chief of the Sabha University Journal for Humanities. Deputy of the Faculty of Arts at Sebha University. Member of the National Assembly of Fezzan. Member of the Academics Forum. Member of the Organization of Southern Experts. Member of the Libyan Society of Political Science in Sebha

Dr. Abdel-Rahman Ahmed Hamza                      Member                                      Curriculum Vitae

Holds PhD Sheffield Hallam University. Head of the languages center 2013. Head of the Department of English and Lecturer2013, 2019. The Spectrum Centre UK 2004-2005. Arabic and English Tutor With (OCN and DEXOL) at Rotherham College of Arts and Technology UK 2003-2008, (ESOL) English Languag Al-Khansa School of Science and Technology, Sebha. Translator niversity of Sebha, Faculty of Arts and Education

Dr. Abdul Basit Othman Madi                                Member                                        Curriculum Vitae

Holds a PhD 2013, Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, University Khartoum, Sudan. Head of the Technical Committee for Publications, Publishing, Authorship and Translation 2018, 

Dr. Ali Muhammad Abu Ghurara                              Member                                              Curriculum Vitae


Prof. Dr. Maatouq Mohamed Abdel-Qader     Member                                     Curriculum Vitae