Removal of Methylene Blue Dye from Aqueous Solution Using Activated seed shell of Balanites Aegyptiaca L Delile


  • Mohamed Najem , HamedMaauof , Mohamed Erhayem , Mansour Farj



removal, adsorption, Balaines aegyptiaca L seed shell powder, Methylene blue.


In the present study, the removal of the methylene blue dye (MB) from the water solution was investigated using Balaines Aegyptiaca powder as an adsorbent. The seeds of Balaines Aegyptiaca were collected from Sebha, Libya. Factors affecting the removal processes such as initial concentration, contact time, absorbent dose, temperature and solution pH were probe. The results showed that the state of equilibrium was reached in two hours. Maximum removal of 63.59% was achieved at pH of 5.90, contact time of 2 hours, 100 mg/l of MB and room temperature. The efficiency of adsorption and removal ratio was reduced with temperature increase from 20 ° C to 40°C and increased with increase in the absorbed dose. Increased efficiency and dehydration were observed increasing the concentration of sodium chloride with a grade of( 1 to 4M of NaCl )to approximately (90%) The results in this study indicate that the powder of the bark Balaines Aegyptiaca seeds.


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