• Vision

The vision of the Office of Quality Assurance and Performance Appraisal is to “Sebha University to be distinguished and creative in academic and administrative quality practices according to the standards of the National Center for Quality Assurance and also international standards to ensure the provision of a distinguished education for students.”

  • Mission

The mission of the office is to "work with the university to provide an appropriate educational and learning environment for both students, faculty and staff within the quality assurance center and international standards."

  • Objectives

  1. Setting comprehensive strategies for the university related to quality assurance in cooperation with the higher quality committee at the university.
  2. Follow up the implementation of the university’s strategies, colleges, centers, and departments affiliated to it, in cooperation between colleges, centers, and various departments.
  3. Reviewing, updating and developing faculty's work plans.
  4. Supporting quality assurance processes and developing the commitment of academic and administrative units to improving quality at the university.
  5. Work to follow up, apply and evaluate quality standards.
  6. Establishing the concept of quality assurance for university employees to become a daily practice.