Copyright Notice and Agreement

Authors who submitted an articles to JOPAS retain all their rights to the published works, as the following rights:
1. Copyright and other proprietary rights relating to their articles, like patent rights.
2. The right to use the substance of their articles in own future works, including lectures and books.
3. The right to reproduce their articles for own purposes.
4. The right to self-archive their articles.
5. The right to enter into separate, or any futhur additional contractual arrangements, with an acknowledgment of its initial publication in our journal.


When presented with an invitation to review a manuscript:

1- Let the editor know if your expertise and/or fields of interest cover the topic of the manuscript.
2- Decline an invitation to review if there is a conflict of interest with one of the authors. Conflicts of interest may include relationships with academic advisors and/ or advisees, anyone at your current institution, members of your family, or people with whom you have collaborated during the last five years.
3- When declining a review, feel free to provide the contact information of a person who would be qualified to review the manuscript.
4- Upon accepting an invitation you will be provided four weeks to complete your review.

When writing your review:

1. Keep in mind that reviewers serve as mentors to authors, helping to revise an article until each is suitable for publication.Both complimentary and critical comments are vital to the process. The goal is to help authors to identify the strengths of their manuscripts as well as the weaknesses.

2. Start out by summarizing the article in your own words. Is this topic relevant to a student audience? Why or why not?
3. Provide your overall reaction as well as a list of specific comments. What aspects of the article were strong? What needs clarification or more detail? Is it well written?
4. List the manuscript’s strengths and its weaknesses. Clearly state the objectives, contributions, and limitations of the manuscript.
5. Ensure that the article focuses on its stated objective.
6. Check that sufficient research and evidence to support the author’s claims has been provided.
7. Confirm that the information provided in the article is current, accurate, and consistent.
8. Cite quotations, give page numbers, and make direct reference to the specific areas of the paper on which you are commenting.
9. Offer comments on tables, figures, and diagrams. Is the article too lengthy? Does it contain too many figures? Are the figures relevant to the discussion in the text

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