Technological progress and increasing technology in communication and information have now reached a significant degree of development, which has contributed to accelerating the pace of globalization. This development has had a clear impact on higher education, especially in developing countries, which are in urgent need to diversify educational institutions and adapt their programs in line with the diversity of student needs and the requirements of the national market..

Our era is the era of science and scientific revolutions, and the secret to excellence and the key to success lies in science and innovation, and enhancing competitiveness and armaments with a culture of creativity and development, collective performance, and the opportunity to learn in front of university employees to develop information and use advanced technology, because the general situation of higher education has become characterized by great dilemmas It is difficult due to the rapid technological changes and innovations that have affected the teaching and learning process in various educational phases, especially higher education, which has become facing the imperative of engaging in the "virtual" digital world.“.

This is why Excellence " is the cornerstone of all universities, and the pursuit of quality, has acquired an urgent character in recent times "

Therefore, the University of Sabha embarked with great strides and with great determination in marching towards the consolidation of the concept of quality among its affiliates and the spread of a culture of quality despite the difficulty of the task and the greatest challenges as the university represented by its various departments is intent on passing all the obstacles that stand in front of making the university a role model among the Libyan universities . The University of Sabha is represented by its Council and the Office of Quality Assurance and Performance Appraisal and the efforts of all its members in the administrative and academic bodies seek to go this way, the path of quality assurance that ends with obtaining international local academic accreditation and international administrative accreditation .

In order to implement this, the university's Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Office set its annual plan, so that the university will continue during this academic year (2019/2020) in its efforts towards establishing the concept of quality and work to implement the requirements of local and international academic accreditation as well as administrative accreditation..