Food Allergy in Children and the Nutritional Follow-up Quality




Children's Hospital, Food Allergy, Nutritionist, Nutrition Education, Nutritional Follow-Up Quality.


The purpose of this paper is to measure the most common types of allergies between the children under medical follow-up in the Tripoli children's Hospital - Tripoli Libya, and the quality of nutritional follow-up they received in both the hospital and the home. The survey was circulated online and a paper copy to 190 children`s parents, between November 2019 until February 2020. The children's age was ranged between 6 months – 18 years. From the results, the wheat allergy was the common type speared between the children by 81.1%, while milk, fish, and nuts allergy were 9.5, 2.6, and 1.6 % respectively. Dietary exclusion of food allergen was 91.1% of total children. Avoidance of the causative allergen should be managed by a dietitian or other health professional with nutritional expertise to ensure that the exclusion does not lead to a nutritionally-deficient diet. One of the most important recommendations of this study is to pay attention to the role of the nutritionist in Awareness of community and helping patients to choose the appropriate food for them.


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