The effect of Reguler training on improving 30 me privaf Physical opabilies, and the stander of profomance of the skills of young Footballers


  • Salem Mohammed Ali Mousa



regular training, skill performance, physical abilities, soccer juniors


The aim of the research is to identify the effect of regular training on improving some special physical abilities and the level of skillful performance of under-19 footballers at the Atalehah Sports Club in Ghat city. To achieve this, the research was conducted on a basic sample of 20 players. They were divided into two groups; one of which is experimental (10) A player and a control group of (10) players. The researcher used the experimental approach with the pre and post measurement of the two groups. Then, the researcher found equivalence between the experimental group and the control group in some of the variables that may affect the experimental variable. This led to similar results of previous researches and studies. The researcher identified the variables, which may affect the experimental variable and they are physical variables, so as not to attribute the differences between the experimental and control groups to these variables. The results showed the positive effect of regular and continuous training.


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