The Impact of Strategic Factor on Improving Performance Effectiveness for Construction Projects - A case Study

Mahmud Abushaala (1) , Adel Amer (2)
(1) Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Misurata University, Libya ,
(2) Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Misurata University, Libya


Mission, vision and strategy play an important role recognized today by most organizations. These tools are very beneficial in steering an organization in straight direction. Strategic factors (SF) rely on the interaction between internal and external factors and on determining the future mission and vision of the organization in the light of determined objectives, and regulatory strategies and policies.

This study is an analytical study of Libyan Investment & Development Company (LIDCO) to determine the impact of the strategic factors on improvement of evaluation effectiveness of LIDCO performance using SWOT in conjunction with following criteria: (Total Quality Management Criteria, Quality Performance Criteria and Competitive Position Criteria). The researchers used the descriptive analytical method to analyse the content using the statistical method and the strategic analysis tool (SWOT) to understand the role and tasks that the company performs and the difficulties and obstacles facing its work by evaluating its performance to develop a strategic vision for the development of its performance. Results show delays by LIDCO in implementing projects as evaluation of the strategic factors were disregarded, leading to disregarding the application of competitive position criteria to project construction, lack of continuous improvement and of benchmarking. This paper contributes to how the factors affecting strategic planning are used and classified into different categories according to the point of view researchers in the field of strategic planning. And too knowledge of the factors influencing strategic planning, and it is very useful for engineers because of the various uses of the factors influencing strategic planning.

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Mahmud Abushaala (Primary Contact)
Adel Amer
Abushaala, M., & Amer, A. (2024). The Impact of Strategic Factor on Improving Performance Effectiveness for Construction Projects - A case Study. Journal of Pure & Applied Sciences, 23(1), 102–110.

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