Protection of Desert Roads against Sand mobilization

Mohamed Inweer Abdulrahman Mohamed Inweer (1)
(1) , Libya


For the paved roads a large importance to middle regions and cities increase importance at states which have large areas like Libya state. Where the desert land with percentage 90% of area in general of total state area which is 1775500km2.What means the total of paved roads are Desert roads perhaps to be exposed to phenomenon Sand Mobilization and be caused by accidents which caused human, materials losses. In this research had been highlight on an importance Vital road connect between (Sabha and Brak) which its length 75km that connect North and South areas in Libya. And probability to establish study green areas with defined. Result of traffic accidents because its Course closed levels on the road sides. Uses in these levels Acacia trees to suit with hard Desert Circumstances in the area hotness and strong storms by farming30 tree in sandy soil of the study area after study their mechanical characteristic, finished farming operation in similar circumstances in zone study too. Irrigation trees operation in comparison with sewage water by Sabha city after study its chemical characteristic and comparison with goodness criterions of water irrigation [FAO]. Through the experiment time which to last 7Weeks had compare trees growth indicators and statistically analyzed, the results showed sewage water suitable for the trees growth. So sorely on main sources to irrigation these areas and designed the green levels on the road sides by suitable distances at road edge solidify the target realization establishment.   

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Mohamed Inweer Abdulrahman Mohamed Inweer
محمد انوير عبدالرحمن محمد انوير. (2019). Protection of Desert Roads against Sand mobilization . Journal of Pure & Applied Sciences, 18(4).

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