About the Journal

Excellence in publishing scientific production, according to methodological standards and ethics of academic research. And contribute to the enrichment of all areas of science and specialized knowledge; accurately, honestly, and objective. And advance the level of scientific research in cooperation with the corresponding specialized scientific bodies and institutions, wherever they are. And keeping pace with scientific development and its techniques, to contribute to the development of the local community, and meet its knowledge needs. And increase scientific production, and publish theoretical research and applied studies, in order to achieve leadership at the national level. And provide opportunities for creativity and distinction for faculty and academics, by raising their academic degrees and professional competence. And work to make the scientific journal in the university a center of knowledge radiation at the local, national and international levels.


A scientific journal published by the University of Sabha twice a year. It is concerned with publishing original scientific research and studies in the field of human sciences, which have not been previously published or presented at a scientific conference. Scientific research is accepted in Arabic, English, French, and African languages. The paper will be published on the current issue. Once the evaluation process is completed, the evaluation process will be conducted in strict confidentiality by two arbitrators. The scientific papers published by the journal do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the journal. The date of the first publication in 1994 AD.


A pioneering magazine in adhering to the internationally approved rules and standards in publishing original research, in the field of humanities.


Dissemination of rigorous scientific research, and to be distinguished and a window for communicating with scientists and researchers, and following up their creations in various fields of humanities.


  1. The advancement of society through building a conscious person who has the ability to benefit from the creations of the past and gain new knowledge, to keep pace with the developments of the times.
  2. Providing researchers and faculty with the opportunity to publish their research locally, regionally and internationally.
  3. Consolidate scientific and intellectual communication between Sabha University and community institutions, and local and international universities