Q1: Who is the publisher of this journal?

Sebha University is the publisher.

Q2: Is Sebha University Journal is an Open Access Journal?

Yes, it is fully an Open access (OA) which is providing unrestricted access via the Internet on its website. Because, open Access is accelerated the researches and learnings by making all the information of them freely available in its websites.

Q3: How much doses Sebha University Journal charge for publication processes?

Sebha University Journal is free journal and there in no fees for publication processes and the accepted article will be freely available on its websites.

Q4: Does Sebha University Journal have online or printer version of its issues?

Sebha University Journal has both way online and printer to published articles.

Q5: How to submit a manuscript to Sebha University Journal?

- Visit Sebha University Journal homepage at https://sebhau.edu.ly/ar/journal-sebha-university/

- Chose the journal related to your research

- Register by fill in the basic information (required).

- Login to the journal by using your Username and Password

- Also, you can click on Submit button on the website menu as quick submission.

- Click Make a new submission or view your pending submissions to see the manuscript number.

- Please note that each paper has a unique manuscript number generated by the system as you submitted and keep it for any further contact.

Q6: What are the requirements of an article submitted to Sebha University Journal?

  1. The Journal you chose to submit your articles must accord with the field of journal.
  2. Sebha University Journal has roles and policies for the Plagiarism.

Q7: What is the time for publication processes?

From submission to publication, it takes nearly two months for the whole processes.

Q8: What is Special Issue on Sebha University Journal?

A Special Issue is for meeting or conference that supported by Sebha University.

Q9: How long does it take to publish a Special Issue?

It will take two weeks when received from the meeting or conference committee.

Q10: How to contact with us?

Please visit our website on the editorial aboard.