Journal History

Journal of pure & Applied sciences (JOPAS) is apart of sebha university journals and published by Sebha University. It aims to provide for the researchers have the opportunity to publish research and innovative reference studies. Spreading distinguished scientific knowledge for the purpose of regional and global spread in the field of scientific publishing, which is characterized by originality and novelty while adhering to the scientific methodology and ethics of scientific research.
Sebha University Journal of pure & Applied sciences (JOPAS) was initiated 1994 and the first issue was published on 1994. Since the first publication, JOPAS has not changed its roles and policy.
1994, the first issue was published in print form.
In 2016, the JOPAS was update their website to OJS. Since then, JOPAS is regularly published the issue on tow times a year.
JOPAS has been publishing online since 2016.
The ISSN Online was issued on 04/08/2017 and update on 09/01/2020.
All articles must be in Arabic or English form using the JOPAS template based on international standards.
On 2016, JOPAS were indexed by Google Scholar and PKP Index. Also, on June 2020, the JOPAS wll be registered to several website. To maintain sustainability, JOPAS has initiated partnership with local and international conferences governed by Sebha Univeristy.