Geological study (preliminary) to Evaluation the Volcanic Rocks and their Suitability in the Cement Industry


  • Osama Al-Tarhouni
  • Abdasalam Madi قسم هندسة التعدين -كلية الهندسة - جامعة طرابلس
  • Rahaf Al-Tarhouni
  • Hatem Sassi



linear regression, Libyan Iron and Steel Company, industrial products, predicting


 Basaltic fields and volcanic outflows are spread in many areas of Libya, as these rashes contain abundant natural pozzolana materials, which can be partially used in the process of manufacturing ordinary Portland cement and the manufacture of pozzolanic cement, and therefore it was necessary to study the properties of these materials (pozzolanic) in terms of Chemical and physical properties to demonstrate the validity of these materials in the production and manufacture of Portland cement and Pozzolane cement. This study was conducted on a number of five geological sites, and it showed the chemical and physical results of these samples that can be used as a partial substitute for ordinary Portland cement, as it becomes mixed cement (pozzolanic cement), especially in second-class use such as light concrete, plastering works, concrete bricks and others.


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