Competitive intelligence as an entry point to improve strategic performance a survey of the Libyana mobile phone company, Sebha office.


  • Hassan Omran
  • Mohammed Aboulgasem
  • Fathia Elhony



competitive intelligence, performance, strategic performance, Libyana Mobile Phone Company


This study sought to uncover the relationship and effect between competitive intelligence and strategic performance in the Libyana mobile phone company, Sabha. The study problem was the following question: Does competitive intelligence have a role in improving strategic performance? And then choosing a facilitated sample consisting of (30) employees of the company, to achieve the objectives of the study and then adopt the descriptive analytical approach, and the study started from the hypothesis that there is a statistically significant relationship at a significance level (0.05 ≤ α) between competitive intelligence and improving strategic performance, and then building The questionnaire consisted of (36) items distributed into two parts, the first related to the dimensions of competitive intelligence, which included (16) items, and the second included (20) items regarding improving strategic performance, and after conducting the statistical methods related to the validity and reliability of the questionnaire, it was applied to the sample members and then subjected to The data obtained was based on a set of statistical analysis, and the most important conclusions reached by the study were that all dimensions of competitive intelligence are directly and strongly linked to strategic performance, and the most important recommendations were to develop appropriate mechanisms to take advantage of competitive intelligence in a way that would contribute to improving the strategic performance of the company.


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