Study the effect of honey and cinnamon on stimulating rooting process for some plants and compare them with the rooting hormone (Toniplant)


  • Sh-hoob Mohamed El-ahmir
  • Youssef Mohamed Azzu
  • Manal Hasan
  • Waheba Salem Al-Jilani
  • Mabroka Alsadiq Kushlaf



Cinnamon powder, Honey, sandy soil, stem cutting, woody stems


In this study Cinnamon powder and Honey were used as natural substances to activate root formation by vegetative reproduction method. Some of the plants were treated by the natural substances to compare with Toniplant hormone in both sandy and peatmoss soil. The findings of this study showed the possibility to form new roots of some plants even in non-reproduction seasons by the use of Cinnamon powder and Honey. this experiment took three months from 18/6/2018 to 20/9/2019 in the Garden of the Faculty of Science / Gharyan University. The results of this study confirmed that after statistically analysing by using the statistical program Minitab (16.2.0) the alternatives (honey and cinnamon) act as the hormone in sandy soils P<0.05. In addition, the plants which were planted in peatmoss soil formed more root hairs than sandy soil taking onto consideration the species of the plant.        


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