• The first national conference for the development of higher education institutions in Libya
    Vol. 20 No. 3 (2021)

    The introduction of scientific conferences is one of the scientific methods of transferring knowledge, as it aims to discuss issues of the local community and propose solutions to the obstacles encountered by its institutions in scientific and studied ways through in-depth academic research and higher education in its institutions as an advanced stage of education, it has a leadership role in bringing about positive change in Different areas of life, and it contributes to providing opportunities for creative people, transferring knowledge, in order to build, achieve economic growth and raise the standard of living, depending on the extent of development of higher education systems and technologies, and its methods that keep pace with scientific, political, social and economic developments in the world. The higher education institutions in Libya are the ones that are relied upon to push the wheel of development and achieve the society’s endeavor towards the desired progress, and it is not without the presence of some problems and obstacles that negatively affect the level of its performance and the quality of its outputs. Therefore, Sebha University decided to organize a scientific conference in cooperation with several international institutions, to study the reality of higher education institutions in Libya, and to analyze the problems they suffer, in order to find applicable scientific solutions to raise the quality of the performance of these institutions.

  • The 2nd virtual international conf on World economy crisis
    Vol. 19 No. 6 (2020)

    The Corona pandemic has caused great economic damage that exceeds the health effects of the virus, as the global economy has been greatly affected by this pandemic. Given the complexity of the crisis and the uncertainty about the spread of the virus, and the policies that countries will take regarding the implications of this pandemic. The governments of these countries have taken urgent measures to reduce the risks of the spread of the pandemic, through a package of measures, represented in the partial and comprehensive closure of the borders as well as the productive and service economic sectors, which led to the decline in consumption, investment and production and the loss of millions of workers to their jobs, and as a result and as precautionary measures with a view to Stimulating economic activity and saving their economies from collapse. The various governments of the world countries have taken the initiative to develop contingency plans to manage the crisis, by providing financial assistance to companies and people to maintain the guarantee and stability of their economies ’growth. The International Monetary Fund believes that global GDP will shrink this year compared to pre-epidemic forecasts, and this contraction may continue until 2021, marking the deepest decline since the Great Depression. In light of these conditions, decision-makers must put in place unconventional measures to deal with this crisis. Such as looking at interest rates, quantitative easing and credit easing (buying private assets) to support banks and money market funds, and more facilities to encourage banks to lend to small and medium enterprises to maintain local economies and public employment.

  • The Third International Conference on Science and Technology
    Vol. 19 No. 5 (2020)

    Based on Sebha University's interest in scientific research as one of the main goals that achieve its mission and support the role of science and technology in serving society, the university organizes the annual international conference for science and technology in the fields of science and technology in the middle of October of each year, with the aim of developing the university's human resources and enhancing their capabilities. It guarantees the advancement of scientific research outputs and the contribution to building a knowledge society and serving sustainable development priorities in Libya, to providing a stimulating research environment for researchers and the research process in order to achieve the desired goals.

  • Virtual International Conference on E-Learning
    Vol. 19 No. 4 (2020)

    Given the exceptionalism of the stage, the limited tools, and the lack of awareness of e-learning technologies and legislation, whether simultaneous or asynchronous, and based on the responsibility of universities in the renaissance of societies and discussing its issues and problems, the urgent need for this conference (the Virtual International Conference for E-Learning) came. And since Sebha University is one of the educational metropolises of Libya and the nucleus of the south vibrant with knowledge and experience, on the basis of the foregoing, the university seeks to organize a virtual conference on e-learning to bridge the gap, bridge the gap, bridging viewpoints, and find appropriate technical solutions facing educational institutions in Libya and other countries, especially in this regard. Circumstances, as well as increasing awareness of its benefits in the short and long term on the educational process, as well as seeking to crystallize the opinions of specialists to enact and put in place legislation in force that contribute to setting controls to regulate e-learning.

  • The fourth Conference for Graduate students at The Sebha University
    Vol. 19 No. 3 (2020)

    Sabha University holds the fourth scientific conference for postgraduate students at the university under the supervision of the College of Energy and Mining Engineering. The scientific committee at the conference is pleased to invite students of postgraduate studies in Libyan universities in their various departments to participate in their research and scientific projects in this scientific event scheduled for Saturday, April 18, 2020. The conference aims to encourage and participate in postgraduate students and link them with scientists, researchers and specialists, develop their scientific and research skills, encourage them to debate and scientific dialogue, learn about issues, topics, experiences and experiences in different departments, and open their eyes to the opportunities available to specialists in the areas and themes of the conference. Based on the principle that scientific conferences are a strong ground for presenting the core issues related to the transfer of knowledge and science in its various fields, Sebha University invites graduate students in Libyan universities and international universities in the fields of research and applied sciences, human sciences, health and medical sciences, to participate in the fourth session of the postgraduate conference . Confirmation of the university’s mission to root and spread the culture of scientific research, the College of Energy and Mining Engineering has the honor to organize the fourth conference for graduate students at the university to increase interest and raise the level of graduate studies programs in it, which contributes to the qualification of scientific cadres who can contribute to the localization of science and knowledge, the advancement of society in scientific fields and linking the university with public and private institutions In the country and creating bridges of communication with other universities.

  • Sebha university Journal of Pure & Applied Sciences

    Vol. 19 No. 1 (2020)

    Sebha University Journal of pure and applied sciences Vol 19 No 1 (2020)

  • The First Economic Conference Vol 18 No 5 (2019)
    Vol. 18 No. 5 (2019)

    Local development (spatial) is one of the basic pillars of sustainable development, as it aims to achieve a developmental balance between the various regions, and at the forefront of its tasks is the activation of local investments that will create employment opportunities and diversify sources of income. And based on the fact that local (spatial) development is a matter that requires national and local efforts based on scientific and practical foundations in which the state contributes with its various components, this conference came that seeks to employ the scientific and knowledge aspects to link with the local administration to contribute to achieving development. Sebha University held the conference on 29-30 October 2019, the scientific economic conference, local economic development

  • The second International Conference on Science and Technology
    Vol. 18 No. 4 (2019)

    In order to contribute to the establishment of scientific research bases within academic institutions and research centers in Libya, and to encourage researches to display their scientific production; Sebha University is pleased to organize the Second International Scientific Conference for Science and Technology at the College of Engineering and Technical Sciences during the period from 16 to 17 October of this year. The conference will deal with four main axes, which are the basic and applied sciences axis, the engineering sciences axis, the technical sciences axis, and finally the information technology and computer science axis.

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