The Educational Values In “Surat Yusuf Peace Beupon Him”

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Nezha Mohamed Mohamed Outhman


The study aims to identify the level of satisfaction with the academic specialization of the    Summary This research aims to highlight  the educational  and hyman values in “Sura Yusuf peace  beupon him”، to show the lessons and  sermons in the Sura  amd  to explain their interpretation  ،ln ordehaved for parents to benefit from them and learn how to manage situation s wisely and  well behaved,   the researcher used the inductive and analytical approach in interpreting the verses and deriving the connotaions from them.

Main results:  1.Not  to differentiate in the treatment between chidren .  2-Do  not leave strangers inside the housses.3- pay attention to lying scour ge and check every command.4- The future of charity with charity.5-punishment for the type of work. 6-The bad f uture of the good .7- Refuge in Allah when advesity. 8- The need to  consolidate educational values in school currcula.9- Research in other aspects of the Holy Quran.


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