Guidelines and Policies

Among the general conditions for writing in the Journal of Applied and Research Sciences:
1. Refer to the margins and references in the text with numbers provided that they are listed in full in the list of references at the end of the research.
2. Adherence to mention academic sources and references.
3. Mention the name of the author or authors, the title of the book, the place of publication, the publishing house, the date of publication, and the page or page number.
4. For magazines, mention the name of the book, the title of the article or research, the name of the magazine, number and date of issue, and the number of the page or pages.
5. With regard to scientific theses, mention the name of the author, its title, the name of the university, the year and the page number.
6. Adherence to the reference fixation of the topics fulfilled from the international information network (the Internet), so that the writer's name, the title of the subject, the name of the university or research center or organization and the name of the site and the date of access are written.
7. Article size does not exceed (25) pages printed on (A4) paper, Simplified Arabic font for papers written in Arabic, and Bookman old style for paper written in English, including references and appendices.
8. The course includes a summary of no more than 250 words, and it is required to write it in Arabic and English.

Article Corrections

  • The correction procedure of submitted articles is depended on the publication stage based on reviewer notes.
  • The articles will not be published until all the corrections made.
  • Authors who submitted an article to JOPAS are encouraged to any report errors in their published articles. The only significantly errors on the published article is considered.

Article Withdrawal

  • Articles that submitted for possible publication on JOPAS can be withdrawn either by the authors or the publisher.
  • The article is not withdrawn until authors have received a letter notification from chief editor.

Types of articles

The different types of articles can be submitted and published by JOPAS are one of the following types; Original Research, Review Articles, Short reports or Letters, Case Studies, Methodologies.

1. Original Research:

The most common types of manuscript submitted to JOPAS to publish as full reports of data from research. It is called an Original Article, Research Article, Research, or just Article. It should include full Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion sections.

2. Short reports or Letters:

The communicate brief reports of data from original research can be submitted as short letter, which can be interesting to many researchers.

3. Review Articles:

The review Article is usually provide a comprehensive summary of research on a certain time and topic with cite approximately 100 primary research articles.

4. Case Studies:

The article submitted to JOPAS report specific instances of interesting phenomena.

5. Methodologies or Methods

The  Methodologies or Methods articles are present a new experimental method, test or procedure athe can be completely new, or a better version of an existing method. 

Editorial policies

The Sebha University Journals’ editorial policies are the following:

Conflicts of interest



Online Submission

Peer Review

Publication Ethic

Plagiarism and Retraction


Human and Animal rights

Open Access

Indexing & Abstract

License Term

Frequently Asked Questions



Each author is expected to have made substantial contributions on the research in order to add his/her name on the paper. Each author has to agree personally accountable for the author's own contributions on research. Sebha University Journals do not require from authors to sign the letter of submission and they take an account all the listed authors have agreed all of the contents present on the paper and they are responsible for agreement and the policy of the journal. Our Journals use the licensed under CC BY 4.0

After publication:

  • the corresponding author is the point for queries about the published paper.
  • the responsibility on the paper for all authors
  • Authors of published material have a responsibility to inform the journal immediately if they become aware of any aspects that requires correction.
  • There is no possible for any changes to the author list or add new one without submitted an approved letter by every author to editor with the deletion or addition of authors.
  • The affiliation for each author should be on paper the institution and there is no way to change it after published

Main terms:

Ethics of scientific publications: a system of rules in relations between authors, reviewers, editors, publishers and readers in certain scientific publications.

Editor in Chief: responsible for deciding on the research submitted to the editorial should be published or not.

Author: a person or group of persons who participate in the same publication of the scientific research.

Reviewer: an expert who acts on behalf of Sebha University Journal to determine their possible publication of submitted paper.

Editorial: a person who editor, editorial board, technical editors.

Publisher: Sebha University