Factors influencing staff members' job satisfaction at Sebha University


  • Abdalmunaem Saleh Abuenniran Igrirah
  • Enbaia Salah Ali Alafaid




Job satisfaction, Sebha University, Quality Assurance & Performance Evaluation Office., faculty members, Libya


This study mainly aimed to identify the level of job satisfaction of faculty members at Sebha University, and the factors determining job satisfaction in general, as well as to determine whether there are statistically significant differences in the level of job satisfaction of faculty members due to academic degree, experience, or Faculty. The data of the study were obtained from the Office of Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation at the university after the approval of the university presidency, and the study followed the descriptive methodology in relation to the theoretical aspect related to previous studies and the analytical methodology represented in the analysis of secondary data; and the study sample was composed of 457 faculty members from various faculties of Sebha University Distributed in the southern regions of Libya. The results showed that the job satisfaction of faculty members at Sebha University in general is good, and that there are statistically significant differences due to the academic degree, and these differences were between the professor’s and the assistant lecturer, while there were no differences attributed to the experience or faculty variable that the faculty member affiliated with it. Based on these results, a set of recommendations and proposals were presented.


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