About the University

The beginning of Sebha University was in 1976 when the Faculty of Education had been founded as a branch of the University of Tripoli and nucleus for Sebha University later. Sebha University was founded as an independent university in 1983 and included in the beginning both of Faculties of Education and Sciences. Then the Faculties of Medicine, Agriculture, Science of Engineering, Technology, Economics and Accounting were added to Sebha University. So the number of university faculties reached to nineteen faculties located in various areas in the South. The number of students studying in Sebha University until 2016 was (25726) students.

  • Sebha University awards University Degree i.e. Bachelor Degree (Bachelor and License), Degree of Supreme License (Master’s) Degree of Accurate License (PHD).
  • The university is comprised of a number of research centers and service units that provide services to students and teaching staff members.
  • The university issues a number of scholarly journals and periodicals in both English and Arabic. These journals and periodicals are meant to publish contributions of members of the teaching staff in the university to encourage doing scientific research and enrichment of knowledge.

Succession to the presidency of the University of Sabha since its inception a number of faculty members who are :

Dr. Mohammed Almadany 1983 - 1985
Dr. Mohammed Alshafy 1985 - 1987
Dr. Mohammed Alshaeir 1987 - 1988
Dr. Mohammed Ali Saleh 1988 - 1989
Dr. Alsenoce Salem Alsenoce 1989 - 1991
Dr. Abdualsalam mohammed almetnany 1991 - 1992
Dr.Abobaker Mohammed Otman 1992 - 1993
Dr. Mohammed Ali Ziadan 1993 - 1995
Dr. Abdualsalam mohammed almetnany 1995 - 1997
Dr. abdoalkabeer Alfakhry 1997 - 2005
Dr. Mohammed Muftah Mohammed 2005 - 2010
Dr. Ali Emhemmad Borhana 2010 - 2011
Dr. mohammed Abdualkareem alkilany 2011 - 2016
Dr. Masoud Alragig 2016 - Until now