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مركز التطوير المعلوماتي

The follower of the path of Sebha University, which was linked to the change in information technology with the beginnings of the establishment of the Department of Computer Science in the College of Science in the second half of the last century in the year 1984 AD followed by the establishment of the Computer Engineering Division of the Department of Electronic Engineering at the College of Engineering Technology, followed by the qualitative shift taken by the university to establish a service center Computer in the year 2001 AD, which is considered the first center in the national universities through which the university worked to complete the infrastructure for information technology in the university, which included networks and the university’s website on the information network and electronic mail to Sebha University.

With the beginnings of the center, its staff tried to prepare systems for the university, known as (mechanization), under the supervision of a specialized committee at the university level. However, the center was unable to start mechanization, due to the scarcity of those who are able to software engineers. Based on the foregoing in 2006 AD, after the university signed a preliminary agreement with SunGard HE to develop the infrastructure and prepare some university management systems. This came after a thoughtful Martini effort between the company and the university's technical team. The agreement was suspended in 2007 by the Ministry of Higher Education after signing an agreement with UNESCO to develop information technology in Libyan universities. In approximately 10/10/2010, the university decided that the center should be concerned with infrastructure and content management. The university worked on forming an independent team to prepare some software solutions for the university. And to provide them with the capabilities and special financial treatment, but this initiative was later stopped due to the dispersal of the team.

مركز التطوير المعلوماتي

مركز التطوير المعلوماتي

In mid-2013, after the Ministry of Higher Education amended the agreement signed with UNESCO until UNESCO assisted the Ministry in establishing the National Center for Excellence in Information Technology and that each individual university develops its own information system, with integration to be completed later. In 10/10/2013, the university formed a team to communicate with Ellucian Company (formerly SunGard HE) and it is the same company that was agreed with in 2006 AD, as the company is the provider of integrated university systems to more than 2000 higher education institutions worldwide. After visiting the company and seeing how the methodologies and ideas have changed radically from what was agreed upon in 2006. After discussing the information status of the university, the company advised that the university work

Director of the Information Development Center of Sebha University: Dr. Al-Mahdi Muhammad Al-Mahdi Al-Sharif

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