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It was a start Sebha University In 1976, when the College of Education was established as a branch ofTripoli University The nucleus of Sebha University later, and it was classified as an independent university in 1983, where it initially included the faculties of education and science, then the faculties of human medicine, agriculture, engineering sciences, technology, economics and accounting joined it, until the number of faculties of the university reached 20 faculties distributed over the different regions of the south The university obtained:

  • In the local classification for the year 2020, on the websites, the university was in the first place on the National Committee for the Classification of Libyan Universities
  • The first rank at the level of Libyan universities in the local classification for the year 2020 AD in the websites of the National Committee for the Classification of Libyan Universities for the year 2020 AD
  • In the ranking of international universities issued by Web Matrix for the year 2020, the university ranked fourth.
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Words and Testimonials

  • The university, through its long journey since its foundation, contributed to breaking the thorns of ignorance and backwardness and laying the foundations for spatial development. Through its educational programs and scientific activities such as conferences, seminars, workshops and various training programs.

    Dr. Abdul Salam Al Muthnani - Director of the Center for Studies and Science of Environmental Technology
  • Sebha University ranked first at the level of Libyan universities for the year 2020

    Dr. Mohamed Nouri Maatouk - Director of the National Center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Educational and Training Institutions
  • Realizing our responsibility towards the members of society, which requires them of knowledge entitlements that require opening the horizons of knowledge, presenting the new and advanced in the fields of science, it was necessary for us to set a platform for ourselves to build a scientific edifice

    Dr. Masoud Al-Ragig - University's President

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