Dean's speech

Ladies and Gentlemen, visitors to the College of Science on the international network. I welcome you to this scientific edifice, which was established in 1983 as the nucleus of the ancient Sabha University. The College of Sciences is the largest college in Sabha University in terms of the number of students and faculty members in it. Physics, computer, mathematics, zoology, botany, statistics, chemistry, biotechnology and microbiology, the college seeks to achieve many goals, foremost of which is the preparation of distinguished competencies in giving and creativity and enriching innovative scientific research supported by graduate programs to contribute to the service of society taking Regarding quality and achieving institutional accreditation, we greatly hope that the college will be a rich tributary of science and knowledge and a strong support in building the creative researcher in his successful knowledge in performing his work and loyal to his country. Our vision lies in achieving leadership at the local, regional and global levels in the fields of research and applied sciences. The College of Science also seeks in its mission to prepare distinguished competencies for creativity and giving in the areas of specialization and enrich innovative scientific research supported by graduate studies and contribute to community service and build a solid and distinct community partnership with Taking into consideration the comprehensive quality system and achieving academic accreditation.

Dean of the College

Dr.. Abdul Hadi Ali Mohammed Al-Baseer

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